Lenovo Performance Tuner

Lenovo Performance Tuner makes getting the most out of your applications easy. It comes with numerous profiles for many popular ISV applications like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Adobe Creative Suite and many more.

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Even if your application isn't provided, you can easily create settings for any applications you use.

Lenovo Performance Tuner dynamically changes system settings like power scheme, visual performance and effects, process priority and processor affinity. This allows you to get all of the power you can from a system.

With Lenono Performance Tuner, you can reserve specific CPU cores just for the application you are working with. That means your app always performs at it's maximum, regardless of what the rest of the system is doing. It can even change these automatically when you switch applications.

Have a high end system with multiple CPUs? It can even optimize multiple applications at the same time on different processor groups.


Lenovo Performance Tuner runs on all ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations and laptops.

Supports Windows 10 64 bit

Download Lenovo Performance Tuner here.