ThinkStation™ P Series Diagnostics - P410, P500, P510, P520, P520c, P620, P700, P710, P720, P900, P910, P920

ThinkStations desktop workstations are designed with built-in hardware based monitoring. This hardware monitors hundreds of aspects of your workstation, notifying you in real-time of hardware related events. There are several ways to access this information including desktop software, mobile applications and USB.

If you already have a diagnostic code, you can quickly look it up here.

Diagnostic Monitoring Software - ThinkStation Diagnostics - P410, P500, P510, P520, P520c, P620, P700, P710, P720, P900, P910, P920

ThinkStation Diagnostics is a Windows based application that provides real time notification of hardware events on your desktop. Any error events that occur are displayed immediately as a notification in the system tray. All other events are logged locally and can be viewed in the application.

Thinkstation Diagnostics Screen Shot

ThinkStation Diagnostics is compatible with all systems shipped after July 2017 (P920, P720, P910, P710, P520, P520c, P510, P410 models). You can install it from here.


Supported on Windows 7 and 10 64 bit.


Older systems may have Lenovo Solution Center(LSC) pre-installed. This has the same hardware monitoring capabilities as ThinkStation Diagnostics. An update of Solution Center will have removed this monitoring. ThinkStation Diagnostics is the recommended desktop monitoring software now.

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Mobile Applications - P920, P720, P620, P520

The P920 and P720 systems can be accessed with Lenovo PC Diagnostics. This is only necessary or useful when the system has reported an error that the monitoring software did not handle due to the severity of the error, or if the monitoring software is not installed. In these cases, the diagnostic error indicator will light up on the front panel of the system. For the P920, this is an LED panel that displays the error code. For the P720 it is an orange error indicator light. Any time these panels are lit, you can use Lenovo PC Diagnostics to retrieve the error information. This is particularly useful in the event the system will not boot.

Lenovo PC Diagnostics is available for Android and iOS.

Google PlayStore - Android 4.2 (JellyBean) and higher.

iTunes App Store for iOS - iOS 9 and above. iPhone 6 and above. iPad not supported (application requires a camera flash to operate)

For users in the PRC (People's Republic of China) please use this link for the Android version.

Mobile Application - P910, P900, P710, P700, P510, P500

For these systems we have Lenovo Workstation Diagnostics. Just like PC Diagnostics, if an error is displayed on the front panel, this application can be used to retrieve it. On these systems, the front panel also has a diagnostic USB port. This port is illustrated with a wrench icon, and will begin blinking if there is an error. The error indicator light or LED panel must be lit up for this to work.

In this case, with your Android smartphone with Lenovo Workstation Diagnostics installed, simply connected a USB cable from the diagnostic USB port to your phone. Leave the phone connected until the you get a notification on your phone that the log was received. You can then click on the notification, or launch the app to view the event log.

Google PlayStore - Android 4.2(Jellybean) and higher

Other Options - P500, P510, P700, P710, P900, P910

USB Thumb Drive

You can retrieve diagnostic data with a FAT32-formatted USB key.  The diagnostics will only write to the USB Key when the system is in an error condition.  This will be noted by the front panel LEDs, as follows:

Data will only be written to the USB key if it is inserted after the diagnostics port LED begins to flash.  Once the USB key is inserted, the following should occur:

Once the diagnostics write is complete, take the USB key to a working computer and upload the DIAG0000.TDF file that was written to to have it decoded.

Manual Lookup - P900, P910, P920, P720(optional), P620(optional), P520(optional), P410(optional)

The P9xx series of workstations all have a 4 digit LED panel that displays an error code if there is one. This is optional on the P620, P520, P410 and P720 models. You can use our diagnostic code lookup to determine the problem.